news, updates, fixes, and occasional rants:


- windows install

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9/25/00 - version 0.97 is out! here's what's new:

- a 'windows install' pack is available. makes installation easier so you can get started quicker.
- SIX new powerups, explanations are in the README file (BIG thanks to 'aguy' at for some of these ideas and pushing this change)
- completely new menu system
- your configuration is saved now on exit (level, players, etc.)
- the 'sprycfg.exe' config program is gone, you can change resolution and keyboard config within the game
- a 'lava pit' has been added to the gameboard, which makes it MUCH easier to tell when the blocks will drop off
- "the spryjinx theme song" now plays in the background
- when you get annoyed with the theme song, you can turn it down or off with the new volume controls in the menus
- the cpu opponent now comes in four flavors with varying levels of difficulty (wimpy, normal, greedy, smart)
- the powerups and extra lives are double-sized in the scoreboard to make them easier to see
- you can now choose resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768 (NOTE: these are pushing the envelope on my K6-2, so unless you have a faster computer i don't recommend trying them)
- new levels (a level editor called 'sprymaps' is available separately)
- after a player dies, his next life is given a free 'magnet' powerup that will allow him to get out of a 'trapped' situation that wasn't his fault (this will probably be very well received ;)
- players can now hop to a moving block's destination so that they can arrive at the same time as the block (improves mobility)
- when the game is over, the animation is different (the gameboard gets swallowed up except for the block the winner stands on)
- a credits & thank-you screen
- various other bug fixes, including removing the bug where player 2 could jump off the board (thanks to those of you who reported it)

7/7/2000 - first big update - version 0.96:

- in-game demo added. this is VERY cool, should be helpful to beginners who don't understand what the hell is going on in the game. just wait ten seconds at the menu screen and the computer will play itself using the current selection of board and players.
- new logo. the main menu screen now sports a spiffy new logo instead of the plain-text in version 0.95.
- new block movement. a minor change that looks really cool - the new row of blocks no longer drifts in from the top. the blocks now fly in from all directions in a sort of "star" pattern. hard to explain, you have to see it.

come back soon, i still work on this game daily. if you find any bugs then PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!

- jase (a.k.a. sikobabel)